Operation: Martin's Birthday

Birthday Message Collection is Closed - Please read our FAQ

FAQ and Info

(updated 11 October 2013) 

What is the purpose of this blog?

We set up this blog to raise money for the charity, Stand Up To Cancer, in honor of Martin Freeman’s 42nd birthday (8 September 2013).  In total, we raised $1,760.00 for cancer research.

Who runs this blog?

This brilliant idea is the brain child of Hayley-Holmes, TwoHarts, and ViolinsandSkulls. You don’t have to follow their personal blogs, but you can.  (WARNING: Some personal blog content is NSFW!)

We all met as part of the New Baker Street Regime - a blog for all BBC Sherlock fans.

How did you get this idea?

There was a blog dedicated to raising money for Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday to donate to a charity, and we thought someone should do it for Martin as well.  We wanted Martin to know he is just as loved as Benedict is!

How much are you trying to raise?

We started with a goal of $500.00, but we broke that at the end of May.  Every time we raised the goal, our followers shattered it!  It was amazing to watch!

In total, we raised $1,760.00 which fills us all with warm fuzzies!

Who is Martin Freeman?

Martin Freeman is one of the best actors to ever walk the face of this planet. Some of his fans say he is made of jam, kittens, and rage. Others say he resembles a hedgehog. He has played Arthur Dent, John Watson, and (coming soon) Bilbo Baggins.

We love him in everything he does! He is very talented and intelligent. (You really should know who he is, he did win a BAFTA)

What charity are you donating the money to?

We have chosen the charity Stand Up To Cancer to fund cancer research. You can donate to our group using this link: [x]

We are also trying to win a Celeb Lottery Challenge for Martin and Stand Up to Cancer. Voting is done through this site: [x]

More info on both of these can be found in this post. 

Are you just raising money?

No, we are also making Martin a “Happy Birthday” video/book. Everyone is encouraged to send Martin birthday wishes, whether or not you are able to donate. More information can be found on this post.

How do I contact the blog?

Donations to the charity remain open, if you’re feeling generous this holiday season.  We are no longer collecting birthday messages, however.  If you need to contact us, you can still send an ask or an email, as one of the admins will continue to check the accounts year round.

Thank you for your support!